G4G13 Exchange Bag


G4G13 Exchange Bag


Items contributed as part of the Gift Exchange of the 13th Gathering 4 Gardner held April 11-15, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Collection Items

Lucky Dissection
A dissection puzzle involving the characters G413. Exact puzzle to be determined...

13-sided & Suits Dice
This pair of unique dice consists of a 13-sided die with both numbers and face-card labels for J, Q, K, and A, along with a 4-sided die with the standard playing card suits.

Spiram Siderum
Physical physics toy gift for the exchange: A craft kit with all parts needed to crate a tiny kinetic sculpture based on the physics of equilibrium, magnetic force, and angular momentum.

Surprise! Puzzles
A small booklet of 20 math puzzles that involve the element of surprise. Some appear to lack sufficient information to solve; others run counter to one's intuition as to what the answer should be.

4 x 13
There are 52 cards in a standard deck of playing cards: four suits of 13 cards each. To design a deck of cards, one needs to establish the four suits, each with its own symbol and/or concept, and find a logic for generating the 13 cards in each suit,…

G4G13 Logo
Unofficial logo designed for G4G13

Type 14 Tessellating Pentagon
This item for the Gift Exchange is a 3D printed baker's dozen of irregular pentagons that tessellate the plane.

Rubik's Crew - Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony, 2x2, Rubiks Cube

Lights & Spheres
A 7cm green plastic sphere with a surface of conical projections, otherwise known as a Cando Massage Ball.

Titanium LED keychain flashlights: I will ship 200 with white LED, 100 with red, blue and green LEDs. Each attendee will receive one light…

Cavalieri Content Cups
Just as 13 breaks up nicely as the sum of 8 and 5, so too does the (volume of a) cylinder break up nicely as the sum of a cone and hemisphere, a fact we have seen demonstrated at previous Gatherings in vivid ways. But the one-diagram proof of this…

Pattern Stacker
An abstract spatial thinking pattern puzzle
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