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A small booklet of 20 math puzzles that involve the element of surprise. Some appear to lack sufficient information to solve; others run counter to one's intuition as to what the answer should be.

There are 52 cards in a standard deck of playing cards: four suits of 13 cards each. To design a deck of cards, one needs to establish the four suits, each with its own symbol and/or concept, and find a logic for generating the 13 cards in each suit,…

My Little Pony, 2x2, Rubiks Cube

A 7cm green plastic sphere with a surface of conical projections, otherwise known as a Cando Massage Ball.

Titanium LED keychain flashlights: I will ship 200 with white LED, 100 with red, blue and green LEDs. Each attendee will receive one light…

Just as 13 breaks up nicely as the sum of 8 and 5, so too does the (volume of a) cylinder break up nicely as the sum of a cone and hemisphere, a fact we have seen demonstrated at previous Gatherings in vivid ways. But the one-diagram proof of this…

An abstract spatial thinking pattern puzzle
An overview of an old magic trick called "The Animal Hunter", how it has appeared throughout my life, and an example of an idea how someone could apply it for their own use.

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Six identical sheets to cut out and assemble to make a colorful transparent model of a Motley Cube - a cube dissected into the minimum number of rectangular blocks such that no two blocks are both bounded by the same two parallel planes. In other…

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In each envelope there will be Kenneth Snelson-like tensegrity flattened inside. As you pull it out, it will pop up to a 3D sculpture.

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You are trapped in a maze with antimatter! Your goal is to escape the maze without creating an enormous explosion.

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It’s a lattice-maze puzzle invented by Frank Worrell that I’m calling DoubleCrossed Squares. (Its old name was Lattice 2).

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A puzzle of eight acrylic shapes which can be put together to form any one of the twelve pentominoes or the five tetrominoes. The discovery of this eight piece set is described in the paper "Development of the Loyd Polyominoes Puzzle" in the G4G13…

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13 beautiful puzzles of 13 different tiles each with 13 amazing solutions, all designed by Michael Dowle, and an introduction to the "Cookie Jar" puzzle Kadon Enterprises, Inc., is publishing of one of the 13 styles, having its world premiere at…

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Every week at my School's math club, we have one puzzle to solve based around match sticks. My gift exchange item will consist of a small booklet containing 21 match stick puzzles ( in honor of Martin Gardner being born on the 21st of October), as…

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A simple puzzle made using Quandong (desert peach) seeds. Quandongs can be found throughout the arid areas of Central Australia and are an important food source for people and native fauna such as emu.

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Thirteen is an odd number of pieces for a complete set puzzle. I found one such set and created a puzzle using it.

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It is a set of objects (one yen, match, cheerio, etc.) with a small instruction sheet for puzzle/ bets and references.

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A craft kit with all parts needed to crate a tiny kinetic sculpture based on the physics of equilibrium, magnetic force, and angular momentum.
A hand-made rubber bracelet in the form of a trefoil knot. It is a mathematical curiosity, a puzzle, an impossible object, and a piece of nerdy jewelry.
A polyomino packing puzzle with 8 pieces ranging in size from 1 to 8. The main goal is to create a 6x6 square. Further goal shapes (and solutions) can be found on
I made pentagons of edges whose lengths are 1,2,3,4 and 5 in order and can be tiled the flat infinitive plane. And also hexagons of 1,2,3,4,5,6 edge length. A set of a few of them is my exchange puzzle.
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Arrange the three pieces to create a figure with an axis of symmetry.

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