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A zometool-based geometrical model/puzzle based on the 13-zone system, i.e., 3 blue lines, 4 yellow lines and 6 green lines, which are associated with the face centers, vertices and edge centers of the cube.

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I am making paper flexagons with Penrose patterns on them to illustrate the patterns. My stuff touches three things from Martin Gardner, Flexagons, Penrose Tiles, and Polyominos (the classification system for tetraflexagons is based on these with a…
My artwork, 'Golden Magic', especially created for G4G13 conference is dedicated to four remarkable men: Martin Gardner, Raymond M. Smullyan, Tom Rogers, and Al Seckel. Rich in golden mean proportions the composition consists of 13 elements placed…

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An animal based who-is-who in which with the right three questions any animal becomes uniquely identified using a ternary "sieve". For the first 16 animals this also works in binary.
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