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Solve these puzzles and get a pass to the Magic Castle.

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We, on behalf of ThinkFun, would like to submit a physical gift based on a personal letter sent from Martin Gardner to one of our founders, Bill Ritchie, in 1994. We will submit photocopies of the letter, which describes how to perform the magic…
A card (roughly the size of an index card) with an image that contains 54 playing cards (some duplicates, of course!). A spectator chooses one of the playing cards and, after a few questions, the magician reveals the choice!

The premise is similar…
An overview of an old magic trick called "The Animal Hunter", how it has appeared throughout my life, and an example of an idea how someone could apply it for their own use.

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A small bag containing twelve square tiles, each with a different pentomino marked on it. Instructions for use in divination are included, along with a set of puzzles using the runes.

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A spectator, with good arithmetical abilities, opens an invisible safe and deposits some invisible coins in it. The magician has the spectator do some arithmetic, receives the final result and then correctly opens the safe and retrieves the correct…
Two transparency sheets chosen at random from a larger selection. Combining any two different sheets reveals a different secret image. Exchange recipients are encouraged to find each other and combine sheets to reveal all of the images.

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