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Participants will receive one spruce cone along with instructions on how to read the number 13 in it.
Two Lenticular cards from Germany - one shows Pangea the last supercontinent 300 million years ago, and the second card shows the map of the globe in the next Heat Age when all the ice melts. This may result in a net gain in land!

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A hand-made rubber bracelet in the form of a trefoil knot. It is a mathematical curiosity, a puzzle, an impossible object, and a piece of nerdy jewelry.
It is a set of objects (one yen, match, cheerio, etc.) with a small instruction sheet for puzzle/ bets and references.

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This item is a postcard announcing The Book of Why, by Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie, a book to be published in May 2018 by Basic Books. This book confronts the hoary old adage, "Correlation is not causation," which has been taught to generations of…

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