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A maze on a flexagon, where the faces keep getting rearranged, adding an additional challenge to finding your way through the maze.

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This pair of unique dice consists of a 13-sided die with both numbers and face-card labels for J, Q, K, and A, along with a 4-sided die with the standard playing card suits.
G4G Give-away

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A hand-made rubber bracelet in the form of a trefoil knot. It is a mathematical curiosity, a puzzle, an impossible object, and a piece of nerdy jewelry.
It is a set of objects (one yen, match, cheerio, etc.) with a small instruction sheet for puzzle/ bets and references.

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A simple puzzle made using Quandong (desert peach) seeds. Quandongs can be found throughout the arid areas of Central Australia and are an important food source for people and native fauna such as emu.

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The item I would like to submit for the G4G14 Gift exchange is a copy of a give-away puzzle, developed by the IU Libraries, to advertise the Jerry Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection. This promotional item features a trihexaflexagon and informational…

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Sadly, all within 13 months of each other, the three authors of the iconic book Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays passed away.

Elwyn Berlekamp: Sept 6 1940 – Apr 9 2019
Richard Guy – Sept 30 1916 – Mar 9 2020
John Horton Conway: Dec 26 1937 –…

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Destroying flexagons can be fun and artistic! We suggest 4 different ways to artistically destroy flexagons, each with its own merit. Our exchange gift is a set of 4 flexagons strips, one for each demonstration and the attached explanation sheet.
Re-usable straws in a little keychain-round container with G4G logo (from 2021 conference that was postponed) on it.

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This document describes how I designed a new kind of top, which flips not just once, but over and over. I call it a "flippe top". It can be made either from wood or by 3D printing.
A fair 14-sided die in the form of a heptagonal trapezohedron and a fair 8-sided die ("Skew d8") in the form of a triangular dihedron.
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