Welcome to G4G Foundation's Gift Exchange Archive.

We have started by entering a selection of items from the two most recent G4G conferences to provide a "teaser" expericence of our plans for archiving ALL of the past G4Gn conference Gift Exchanges. This project will take time and resources to bring to fruition.

Many of the items in this Archive were created specifically for the G4Gn Gift Exchange and are not available for purchase.

To make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit: www.gathering4gardner.org/donate

Recently Added Items

Celt Decision Maker


This wobbly spinner also called a "rattleback" features a physics defying unpredictability. Which makes it perfect for equally unsure decision making.…

Four Bar Ellipse


This mechanism demonstrates a surprising way to generate an ellipse by using a four-bar linkage. The shape of the ellipse can be defined by the path…

A Slice of Space


"Amina Allen took a close look at the stellated dodecahedron inside an icosahedron, and found 10 squashed cubes, each with six rhombic faces that are…