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This is a cute graphical computing device which finds the roots of a quadratic polynomial. Stretch the (included) string between two scales representing the coefficients of the polynomial, and it tells you the roots! This device is based on an…

Physical gift a small E link puzzle and a puzzle postcard.
Paper 'Multiplication by Superposition' -

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A fair 14-sided die in the form of a heptagonal trapezohedron and a fair 8-sided die ("Skew d8") in the form of a triangular dihedron.

It's a Klein bottle 3D printed in resin in a pendent with a mobius strip tag.

Text by: David G. Haskell,
Illustrations by: Ellen Litwiller
Applying the planar puzzle mechanism of the Magic Disc puzzle to a three-dimensional form yields an interesting and challenging coordinate motion puzzle.

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A puzzle hunt hidden inside an 8-page pamphlet.

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