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This is a standard trihexaflexagon with some extra crease lines. Cut it out and fold it up in the usual way, using tape or glue, adding the extra creases. The new degrees of freedom allow the hexaflexagon to swim along itself like Escher's fish, as…

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This is a paper ring with a number puzzle. The hint is actually the logo that is at the beginning (which of course will be right after the end when it's a ring).
Participants will receive one spruce cone along with instructions on how to read the number 13 in it.
A dissection puzzle involving the characters G413.

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"Amina Allen took a close look at the stellated dodecahedron inside an icosahedron, and found 10 squashed cubes, each with six rhombic faces that are all ""fat"" Richert-Penrose tiles. Has no one ever noticed before? Even Marc Pelletier never…
The app is no longer functional

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In 1962 Martin Gardner published an article about a remarkable poem. As far as I know, his is the only scholarly article that has ever been published pertaining to this poem. There is a rich and particular connection between poetry and the more…
Cut-and-fold a polyhedron with 7 vertices, 14 faces, 21 edges, and a hole through it like a doughnut. A cube has internal diagonals that connect the diametrically opposite corners. By contrast, this polyhedron has no internal diagonals. There are…
One of my interests is abstract photography, using ordinary photographs as the “paint” and using spatial and mathematical transformations to create an image from one or more sources. One transformation that I’ve been exploring is “Inside Out”, which…
My gift is an Ace of Spades personalized with a unique image that combines the G4G logo together with a symbolic representation of Panamanian culture.

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I invented the Fibonacci Turbine in an origami way. The wing itself functions as a rotating shaft. The structure is so simple that it is robust. It can be used for many engineering applications.

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