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The puzzle consists of two boxes, with lids, One box is white and the other is blue. Place the white box inside of the blue box and close the lid. Now open the blue box and remove the white box. Next place the blue box inside of the white box and…

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Folding puzzle designed by Markus Götz.

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Two pages

(1) a description of how to construct Marjorie Rice's "versatile" together with six patches of copies of the tile that will fill the plane by translations.

(2) a sheet with 20 copies of the versatile to copy and cut out in order to…

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A zometool-based geometrical model/puzzle based on the 13-zone system, i.e., 3 blue lines, 4 yellow lines and 6 green lines, which are associated with the face centers, vertices and edge centers of the cube.

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In 1962 Martin Gardner published an article about a remarkable poem. As far as I know, his is the only scholarly article that has ever been published pertaining to this poem. There is a rich and particular connection between poetry and the more…
My gift exchange item is called an X-Y Chart. It is a very unique chart of multiplication facts for elementary school students. My friend, Joe Speier, who was concerned about children learning their multiplication facts designed the chart. During a…

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